Icon - Άγια Αικατερίνη Icon (Pre Order 2-4 weeks)

Icon - Άγια Αικατερίνη Icon (Pre Order 2-4 weeks)

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Agia Aikaterini, who was from Alexandria, was the daughter of Constas and is the protector of students and unmarried women. 

She was an exceedingly beautiful maiden, most chaste, and illustrious in wealth, lineage, and learning. By her steadfast understanding, she utterly vanquished the passionate and unbridled soul of Maximinus, the tyrant of Alexandria; and by her eloquence, she stopped the mouths of the so-called philosophers who had been gathered to dispute with her.

Because of her royal lineage, Agia Aikaterini is depicted invariably in imperial garments holding a martyr’s cross.  She is also portrayed with her left hand resting on a wheel, the symbol of progress but in her case the emblem of her 

Time and effort is put into making these beautiful icons. All hand polished, and offer a 3D effect.

The Collection is Designed and Made in Greece

If this item is on PREORDER it will take approximately 2-4 weeks to deliver.  We do our best to ensure the product is sent from Greece As Soon As Possible

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